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Atheer is transforming how enterprises and their people work by augmenting their people and processes with augmented reality at the time and place of need.

Background and Achievements

Atheer is the first Augmented Reality (AR) Management Platform company for industrial enterprises. Founded in 2012, Atheer provides the only fully-integrated enterprise-grade solution for contextual work guidance, remote collaboration, and natural interaction across glasses and mobile devices. Atheer supports device input through touch, voice, gestures, and head motion, as well as conventional input devices on laptops and tablets.

The Atheer AR Platform is an enterprise-grade AR collaboration and productivity solution for a wide range of smart glasses, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. It is being used by enterprises to transform the productivity, accuracy, quality and safety of their industrial workers – providing real and radical business impact. Enterprise customers include Porsche Cars North America, Julabo USA, Massimo, and the International Air Transport Association.

The company won the Auggie Award for the second time in four years in the “Best Enterprise Solution” category at the Augmented World Expo conference in 2019.

Challenges for AR

AR can empower the 2.7 billion desk-less workers that have been traditionally under-served by technology solutions. It is aimed squarely at helping enterprises tackle challenges including the increasing velocity of business, product and technology change, the opportunities and challenges of advances in connectivity, the scarcity of resources and talent they face (from a shortage of skilled workers as well as baby boomer retirement) as well as the massive complexity of running large, at-scale operations.

It offers the promise of providing every member of the workforce with relevant, contextual, personalized information and guidance from across the enterprise into their field of view in a seamless, hands-free, intuitive manner that transforms the way they work.

Key industries that the Atheer AR platform serves include manufacturing, automotive, aviation, telecommunications, energy, and oil and gas, as well as transportation and logistics.

Why AR?

The strategic value of AR stems from its clear business return on investment. Atheer’s customer, Porsche Cars North America, for example, publicly reported a 40% reduction in service resolution time across its dealerships using the Atheer AR Platform. Meanwhile, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently reported a 30 percent improvement in the speed of cargo handling and a staggering 90 percent reduction in errors.

The device-agnostic nature of the Atheer AR platform adds to its strategic value, allowing enterprises to grow and evolve their use of AR (and expand the number of use cases to which AR is applied) without needing to commit to a single hardware choice (or manufacturer).

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