AREA Members at Augmented World Expo 2016

If you only have a few days to get up to speed about the use of Augmented Reality to improve workplace productivity or safety, then you’ve come to the right website. You’ll quickly pick up the concepts and a working vocabulary of AR by browsing our site and watching our webinars. You’ll also learn about our members, leaders dedicated to providing AR-enabling technologies and solutions who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

But, for most people immersing themselves in this exciting new discipline, surfing the web isn’t sufficient. Let’s face it: enterprise AR experiences always involve a physical world component.

Putting hands on the technologies while they’re in use, to see different options and meet people in person, are critical to tapping the potential that enterprise AR offers.

AWE Brings the AR Industry Together

The upcoming Augmented World Expo (AWE) on June 1 and 2, 2016, in Santa Clara, California, is an important event for AREA members. Over four thousand AR practitioners and enthusiasts will experience the latest technologies when gathering important data for decisions on behalf of their companies and projects.

Good Starting Project

Organized annually since 2010 by industry mover-and-shaker Ori Inbar and his team, the event has both a conference and a trade show. These bring together customers, vendors, researchers, investors and many others who are important to the continued expansion of this industry in a variety of formats. 

Whether you’re looking for something specific or just exploring, AWE provides an opportunity to get to know the experts, such as AREA members, and to try out the latest Augmented Reality technologies and products first hand.

AREA Members at AWE

The AREA and its members will be leading and speaking during the AWE 2016 enterprise AR track of sessions, as well as demonstrating solutions on the exhibition floor.  

In order to provide the greatest impact to our diverse audiences, we’ve divided the enterprise AR sessions into vendor-neutral insights and recommendations from a range of technology providers on June 1, followed by customer case studies and testimonials on June 2.

Chaired by Paul Davies, Technical Fellow at Boeing, an AREA founding sponsor member, our June 1 speakers will provide a lot of practical advice based on their experience across many industries. Since it is frequently the first major barrier to success, the day will begin with speakers sharing recommendations about how to select and prioritize enterprise AR use cases.


Then AREA members will offer their suggestions for how to prepare and deliver digital content for enterprise AR experiences. In this session, I will provide the results of a research project on different AR authoring platforms. David Marimon of Catchoom will describe the results of recent studies with 3D sensing platforms for real world object recognition and Alex Hill, CTO of CN2 Technologies will offer guidance on how to optimize 3D assets for use in AR experiences.

The rest of the day promises great talks on enterprise AR wearable technology strategies and the use of AR as a human interface to Industrial Internet of Things.

On June 2, Bob Meads, CEO of iQagent, another AREA founding sponsor member, will chair three hours of sessions during which customers will share their experiences working in pilot and proof-of-concept projects. These sessions will feature case studies and testimonial presentations. The afternoon will offer round tables and panel discussions with customers, and we’ll hear the results of recent projects and lessons learned throughout the day.

AREA members will also be exhibiting in record numbers and many will have their booths in the AR for Enterprise Pavilion.

Will you be there? Stop by AREA member booths to introduce yourself to us and let us know how we can help you to get the greatest value from attending AWE 2016 and your enterprise AR investments.

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