10th Research Project – 3D mapping of enterprise and industrial environments for AR

Enterprises face significant challenges when attempting to expand their AR deployment in environments that can be captured in 3D. Even when available, AR experience authoring, publishing, and delivery systems rarely connect to enterprise 3D environment maps, therefore, do not leverage existing investments.


Furthermore, practical knowledge regarding utilizing existing 3D spatial mapping for AR platforms and other tools/use cases is limited. Similarly, knowledge of tools and techniques for creating and managing 3D environment maps (offline or in-situ) is insufficient. Consequently, developers and engineers deploying enterprise AR fail to take advantage of valuable opportunities to:

  • Decide when, how, and with which partners to integrate 3D mapping into their toolchains
  • Integrate and utilize 3D mapping in their authoring platforms
  • Incorporate and integrate feature detection from 3D maps into their AR experiences
  • Rapidly and accurately capture 3D environments
  • Leverage existing standards for efficient and future-proof AR solutions based on 3D mapping.

Research Goal

The AREA seeks to provide its members with knowledge and a deep understanding of the current state of the art of continuous or periodic 3D mapping of enterprise and industrial environments for AR and the available tools to leverage this information to develop spatially aware applications such as AR. This project provides actionable information which members can use to more effectively identify solution providers and partners and leverage prior investments made by their own organizations or their customers and partners in digital twins and 3D spatial maps.

Download the 10th Research Report, 3D mapping of enterprise and industrial environments for AR,  executive summary here.


If you’d like to learn more about this project or any other AREA research projects, please send an email to the Research Committee. To get involved, learn more about AREA membership here.

Call for 10th Research Project Proposals – 3D mapping of enterprise and industrial environments for AR.

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