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AREA Research Project on Best Practices of Merging IOT +AI+AR

The AREA Editor
Feb 21 2019

The AREA is issuing a request for proposals for a funded research project that will produce tools to increase dialog...

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Augmented Reality Lowers Errors in Automotive Manufacturing

Dec 7 2017

According to mathematical models, manufacturing processes can become highly data driven, nimble and responsive. People and equipment are deployed to...

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Crunchfish CEO on Gesture Technology and the Future of AR

AREA Editor
Oct 26 2017

How would you describe the state of the AR ecosystem today? It’s a very exciting period within AR. We have...

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Three Lessons We’ve Learned Developing AR Solutions

Anastasiia Bobeshko
Mar 16 2017

Industries and enterprises are adopting AR solutions to strengthen their competitive advantage and get customers engaged in business activities. As...

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Features Worth Seeking in an Augmented Reality SDK

Albert Wang
Mar 11 2017

Interest in AR SDKs has intensified since last year, when one of the leading solutions, Metaio, was sold to Apple,...

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Global Smart Glass Market 2014-2021

Decision Database
Mar 9 2017

This provides the value chain analysis, market attractiveness analysis, and company share analysis along with key player’s complete profiles. Information...

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Mixed Reality: Just One Click Away

Feb 16 2017

Author: Aviad Almagor, Director of the Mixed Reality Program, Trimble, Inc. Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble is a company...

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The 1st AREA Ecosystem Survey is Here!

Jan 23 2017

The Augmented Reality (AR) marketplace is evolving so rapidly, it’s a challenge to gauge the current state of market education,...

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The AREA Issues Call for Proposals for an AR Research Project

Jan 23 2017

The AREA has issued a request for proposals for a funded research project that its members will use to better...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 4: Enterprise Content is Not Ready for AR

Jan 12 2017

Previous: Part 3: Augmented Reality Software is Here to Stay   As I discussed in a LinkedIn Pulse post about...

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