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The AR Market in 2017, Part 3: Augmented Reality Software is Here to Stay

Dec 21 2016

Previous: Part 2: Shiny Objects Attract Attention   There are some who advocate for integrating AR directly and deeply into enterprise...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 2: Shiny Objects Attract Attention

Dec 18 2016

Previous: Part 1, Connecting the Dots   There’s a great deal of attention being paid to the new, wearable displays...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 1: Connect the Dots

Dec 13 2016

In your profession, you’re one of those who are most aware of future technologies. The proof of this fact is...

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When a Developer Needs to Author AR Experiences, Part 1

Oct 25 2016

There’s an established process for creating a new Web page. If it’s not already available, you begin by defining and...

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When a Developer Needs to Author AR Experiences, Part 2

Oct 25 2016

This post is a continuation of the topic introduced in another post on the AREA site. Choose a Development Environment...

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How Optical Character Recognition Makes Augmented Reality Work Better

Aug 26 2016

Today, companies in many industries seek to develop AR and VR applications for their needs, with the band of existing...

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3D Studio Blomberg at Augmented World Expo 2016

Jun 27 2016

Our team at 3D Studio Blomberg, along with key partners, travelled to Santa Clara, California, to attend the Augmented World...

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New Executive Director Reports on AWE ’16 and Members Meeting

Jun 9 2016

As the incoming executive director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance, I was very excited to attend my first Augmented...

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Enterprise Augmented Reality at Laval Virtual 2016

Jun 6 2016

This year’s Laval Virtual conference showcased innovations in Augmented Reality and introduced wide-ranging discussions on the topic of Augmented Realty...

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Augmented Reality for Production and Maintenance with NGRAIN

May 3 2016

AREA member NGRAIN started in the enterprise training market and today is an AR solutions provider for a range of...

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