What is the business case for augmented reality?

An article featuring business perspectives from a number of influencers, looks at how augmented reality can be used across a variety of business use cases.

See the full article from Supply Chain Dive.com.

Some of the key concepts from the article include:

Training and certification through AR pays for the creation of content in a new way but delivers savings straight to the bottom line.

There are a broad number of use cases here, but it boils down to saving money, saving time and improving safety:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Empowering new works
  • Save on travel costs
  • Mitigate risk

The value of AR is directly tied to its ability to impact human workforce experience and performance and the three critical questions to ask before adopting AR pilots.

A good example of a real-world recent application of AR in supply chain is in warehouse picking and packing. A number of major companies have seen significant improvement in order fulfilment by as much 30% to 40%, providing warehouse workers with optimized vision picking directions and locations in line of sight.

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