Tech Trends 2016 Includes Augmented Reality

A recent article by TechCo discusses five key technology trends that should be taken notice of, especially as 2016 has seen a drastic increase in advanced tech development.

These trends are:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Digital health / biotech
• Sports and recreation tech
• Augmented Reality
• The future of transportation

However, the article mainly focuses on Augmented Reality, explaining how its development means it will enable consumers and users to “break out of the confines of our screens.” It goes on to discuss how the increase of AR technology is partially because of our desire to make digital experiences, such as video chats, more human and connected to the real world.
Augmented Reality in comparison Virtual Reality is also briefly mentioned; a range of industries are investing in AR, showing that it has a more promising future than VR. In terms of the healthcare industry, other technologies are being produced, leading to a larger amount of data being collected in order to improve the quality of healthcare.

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