PTC Demonstrates AR’s Real-World Value

An article on Techpinions reported on PTC’s LiveWorx18 conference back in June of this year, and the ways in which PTC’s customers are leveraging Augmented Reality technology. Industry verticals can utilise PTC’s IoT (Internet of Things) tech in addition to their CAD (Computer Aided Design) products to fuel next-generation AR experiences.

In 2015, PTC purchased Vuforia, a mobile vision platform that was one of the first software developer kits to enable AR on a wide range of mobile devices, from Qualcomm. Thousands of Vuforio-based apps exist in the real world as it can be used to create AR apps for Android, iOS, and UWP. PTC also has software called Vuforia studio that allows users to create AR experiences using existing CAD assets and a simple drag-and-drop interface. Vuforia Chalk is the company’s purpose-built remote assistance app that allows field workers to communicate with experts using an AR interface. Most companies are using PTC-based tech through mobile devices present in the enterprise, although an increasing number of companies are testing on headsets from partners such as AREA member RealWear.

PTC recently acquired new tech that will be delivered in future products enabling the creation of step-by-step AR experiences by an AR headset (Waypoint) user and editing for consumption (Reality Editor). This software will increase ease of streamlining knowledge transfer between professionals and trainees for companies.

The article states that one of the powerful things about AR is that is has the potential to allow humans to see into IoT, which PTV demonstrated during its keynote. Another demonstration was made of moving a digitally created control switch from an AR interface to a physical control panel, and PTC also created a working manufacturing line on the expo floor to demonstrate the integration of IoT, AR, and robots. One working session that PTC ran during the show was about connecting AR to business value, in which real-world advice was given to IT decision makers trying to integrate AR with sectors such as manufacturing, service, and sales.

It is mentioned in the article that PTC is aware that partnerships are key to building out new tech such as AR and IoT, as they had announced in the weeks before the show their partnerships with companies such as ANSYS, Elysium, and Rockwell Automation. The article concludes by addressing PTC’s awareness that, despite mobile AR being powerful, AR on headsets is game-changing for workers requiring a hands-free experience, and this will be a key driver for AR’s progress in the enterprise.

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