International manufacturing group SACMI signs agreement for global roll out of XMReality Remote Guidance

Great news for our member XMReality as manufacturing group SACMI signs agreement for global roll out of XMReality Remote Guidance.  International manufacturing group SACMI has signed an agreement for a global roll-out. SACMI will use the XMReality Remote guidance solution to enable a global roll-out of an enhanced service offering to its customers. Order value is approx. 0.4 MSEK annual recurring revenue.

SACMI has decided to perform a global roll-out of XMReality Remote Guidance to its customers, thus strengthening its service offering and making it possible to generate new revenue streams. With the use of XMReality’s easy web client access they’ll be able to collaborate with a wider group of end users. SACMI will equip their help-desk staff with XMReality PointPads.

“Over recent years, SACMI has constantly invested resources to strengthen Customer Service and so help customers maximize the extraordinary performance provided by our machines”, explains Giuseppe Lesce, manager of the SACMI Customer Service Division. “From this viewpoint, XMReality is a further step in this direction. This augmented reality system’s combination of outstanding effectiveness and simplicity will, in fact, let us supply an advanced assistance service with ease, providing enormous added value for our customers worldwide”

“We are excited to help SACMI generate new revenue streams using XMReality Remote Guidance. The new web client has, since the October 2018 launch, enabled new ways of using XMReality Remote Guidance and SACMI is one of our first customers to take advantage of it.”, stated Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

The order includes XMReality Remote Guidance software, XMReality PointPads, and XMReality Web client. The software value is approximately 0.4 MSEK annual recurring revenue and the roll-out will start in January 2019.

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