CIO: 9 examples of how companies are using AR at work

CIO has a review of 9 ways in which companies are using AR in the workplace, calling it a game-changing tool for visualizing data in industries from engineering and manufacturing to construction and healthcare.

The article by Paul Heltzel, Aug 16 2018 is well worth a read for explanations that get under the skin of how AR is being used in various industries, in context.

The scenarios explained in the article include:

  1. Pilot in emergency based on FedEx Express cargo airline – Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display (SAVED) which delivers vision and oxygen to a pilot in an emergency.
  2. AR helping humans to interface with IoT data collected from devices more quickly e.g. Amazon and Vuzix collaboration
  3. Engineering walking through complex designs
  4. Navigating factory floors e.g. at Volkswagen for maintenance, inventory, inspections, etc.
  5. Porch home improvement startup’s collaboration with AR provider Streem can provide quotes and fixes even before a contractor has turned up, using machine learning and computer vision.
  6. Boeing has reduced wire repair time by 25% in the belly of their planes by using handsfree AR solution powered by Skylight software by Upskill, one of the members of The AREA.
  7. Mixed reality hard hat – French company GA Smart Buildings are achieving more precise quality control over the assembly of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems as well as cast concrete.
  8. Paccar used AR in the design phase of their huge semis and built a hologram that’s the full size of an 18-wheeler, replacing this part of the design phase that once was done with clay models.
  9. AcuVein has developed a mix of laser scanning and AR to reduce the number of failed attempts at sticking a needle in a patient’s vein with impressive success rates.

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