CAD-Based Augmented Reality Quality Control

A feature article on by briefly outlines CAD based augmented reality in quality control.

In the context of the digital transformation of industrial production lines and cyber-physical systems, construction and manufacturing tasks are often executed in parallel.

Here, it has to be guaranteed that the physical world and its digital counterpart are in the same state.  Mobile augmented reality (AR) systems offer high potential for advanced inspection tasks as reality is superimposed digitally with deviations between supplied components and their CAD specifications visible at a glance.

The next section of the piece discusses Visometry.  The VisionLib system from Visometry GmbH combines 3D data with image processing for quality control solutions. Using model-based tracking technologies, CAD data is registered in real time to objects captured in camera images.

The outstanding feature is a reliable object recognition even in low-light and dynamic environments.

Visometry also develops stationary inspection systems for complex in-line production processes, which can be quickly and flexibly adapted to different product configurations. This makes it possible to check, measure and document not only the existence but also the orientation and position of components automatically during operation.

The machine learning techniques of common systems increasingly turn out to be inflexible and of too much effort, because the so-called teaching process must be repeated if changes to the product design or another product variant occur. Disadvantages that do not arise with the VisionLib system.

The article concludes by stating that the technology is currently used and approved in the automotive industry, but has significant application in other manufacturing industries.


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