Augmented, virtual and plain old reality in Aviation Training

In an article published on, Bill Johnson talks about a recent Aviation Training Summit and the current and emerging technologies available for maintenance training. The article also blends the promise of training technology, the impact on maintenance staff shortages, and how government and industry can positively influence acceptance.

Key points of the article:

  • Previous suggestions for schools: modernize training technology; reinforce partnerships with industry; propose new alternative curricula; and ensure recurrent training for instructors
  • Advice is given for in-person training conferences for maintenance training personnel and the types of content covered on these courses
  • VR has been spoken about for over a decade in terms of training but now it’s live and real I selected maintenance training applications – case studies are given from various aviation training organizations
  • Exmaples of how Augmented Reality is used in aviation training are given including widnshielfs with heads up digital messages, smart glasses for maintenance training, and simple handheld devices to obtain maintenance instructions as well as telephone based AR.
  • The author discusses the influencing factors on training technology and its impact

The author concludes by stating:

“As I participated in the Asia Pacific Aviation Training Symposium, it dawned on me that the justifications for advanced technology training have been consistent and true for decades. Training technology evolves as an enhanced substitute for the real equipment and the real world. Compared to live equipment simulation and computer-based training, including VR and AR, VR is the better alternative. It wins on comparisons of cost, speed, effectiveness, availability, reliability, learner safety, and more. I feel confident in that positive trend.”

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