Atheer Ebook AR for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

AREA member Atheer has produced an eBook entitled “AR for the transportation and logistics industry”.  The company has already produced industry eBooks centred on Augmented Reality for Business, Manufacturing, Aviation and Automotive.  Now they have added Transportation and Logistics to their catalogue.  These can be accessed on Atheer’s website – see their Resources page.

In this eBook, Augmented Reality for the Transportation and Logistics Industry, you’ll learn how to:

  • Address the challenges facing the Transportation and Logistics industry
  • Apply Augmented Reality to super charge your digitization efforts
  • Transform the productivity, accuracy, and safety of your workforce
  • Assess your needs and how to identify the usecases best suited to this transformation.

“Accurately calculating downtime should be a part of how you plan for Augmented Reality – and think about the return on an AR investment. It’s where AR can really make a huge, measurable, and repeatable difference to your bottom line.”

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