Atheer 5 tips for selecting the best AR smart glasses for your enterprise

Atheer’s latest blog offers enterprises 5 tips for selecting the best AR smart glasses for your requirements.  You can enjoy many elements of Augmented Reality using many different mobile devices – including smartphones, tablets and laptop computers – and the makers of those devices are working hard to encourage you to do just that.

But if the jobs in your company require employees to work truly hands-free – yet have access to vital collaboration tools, digital assets and work instructions within their field of vision – then you need to seriously consider using smart glasses.

This advice based guide by Atheer gives 5 questions enterprise users need to ask on how to select the best smart glasses for your needs.

  1. Do you need a monocular or binocular design
  2. How important is the weight of the glasses
  3. How do the smart glasses fit?
  4. What kind of battery life do you need?
  5. What’s the optimal display size and quality for your use case?

For the full article and explanation see Atheer’s blog.

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