NGRAIN is a leading provider of tools for automated Augmented Reality content creation for industrial and enterprise applications. Founded in 2000 in Vancouver, Canada, we work with clients who are looking for scalable, proven technologies that can help them:

  • Accelerate the insight cycle with big data and visual analytics
  • Add better data fusion capabilities and work with multidimensional data
  • Harness the potential of wearable technologies and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

NGRAIN is creating a world transformed with interactive 3D and Augmented Reality technologies. NGRAIN’s integrated, versatile platform combines enterprise 3D assets and enterprise data to provide operational intelligence for critical equipment and accelerate decision making across the organization. From the factory floor to the field, organizations can get information how they need it, and when they need it.


Background and Achievements

NGRAIN’s 3D augmented and virtual reality technologies power the vital applications in enterprises across industries such as aerospace, defense and energy, where inspection, maintenance, field support and repair are critical.

With NGRAIN, organizations:

  • Empower specialists in the field with the right information at the right time
  • Maximize operational uptime by expediting visual inspection, damage assessment, maintenance, and repair operations
  • Eliminate costly mistakes with just-in-time guidance, visual feedback, and support
  • Minimize OPEX and increase CAPEX utilization by reducing operator downtime and monitoring enterprise assets in real time


Since its founding, NGRAIN has been delivering cost-effective ways to streamline maintenance activities, accelerate learning, and improve field support operations. Our 3D simulation solutions have been proven to improve learning by 60% and first-time-right performance by 25%.

Our technology powers the F35 fighter jet’s Stealth Visual Inspection system. Our flagship customers include all branches of the US Department of Defense, major energy and aerospace and defense companies, and other global systems integrators and Fortune 500 organizations.

In 2013, NGRAIN was named a Cool Vendor by Gartner and NGRAIN’s AR Player app was recognized by as one of “Eight iPad Apps That Are Complex, Powerful and Advanced.” NGRAIN has also published peer-reviewed papers and talks on AR and received numerous other industry awards.


Why AR is a Strategic Area

At NGRAIN, we believe that the use of 3D and Augmented Reality technologies will provide measurable increases in operational efficiency. With AR, organizations can transform how they access and use enterprise data to make decisions. Our products and services enhance the performance of people, machines and the interactions between them by providing the right data at the right time and in the right format. With NGRAIN, people and equipment operate at maximum effectiveness, whether they are on the shop floor or in the field.