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Enterprise AR Requirements workshop Day 2

The focus of Day 2 was Software Requirements which was brilliantly managed by Roland Joseph from Proctor and Gamble.  The day started with a real buzz of anticipation. The evening networking and demo event created new partnerships and friendships, and conversations continued over breakfast. As each requirement was explained, there were detailed questions, insights and clarification both from the audience and the Requirements Team.

With over 22 sections and many “sub requirements” within each, there were a lot of requirements to review, however, the great interaction and insight provided meant the time flew and very soon all the requirements had been covered.

The final part of the day was a “next steps” section where Mark Sage, Executive Director of The AREA, thanked the team for their work before outlining his thoughts on the next steps and asking for feedback from the audience.

The proposed next steps include:

  1. Creating an AREA Requirements Committee to own, manage and update the Enterprise benchmark requirements
  2. Committing to communicate the requirements to the wider AR ecosystem
  3. Creating ways for the wider ecosystem to provide feedback
  4. Creating processes and tools to ensure feedback is reviewed and that the Committee update them
  5. Creating further analysis and benchmarking activities

In summary, the event was a great success, as proven by the amazing feedback we received from the closing survey:

  • 100% of respondents said they would recommend the event to others
  • Anonymous feedback comments included:
  • “You’ll have double the attendees next time because people will realize that they should have been at this meeting”
  • “A Homerun”
  •  “Event was the first of its kind and it was impressive”.
  • “Wow! What a great event!”

If you are interested in joining the AREA, please contact and keep an eye on for future updates