Scope AR eBook Series Guides Enterprises Through AR Adoption

Few AR solutions providers have as extensive a track record as Scope AR. The company has been a pioneer in cross-platform AR solutions since opening its doors in 2011 and beginning work on its WorkLink AR knowledge platform. Now Scope AR is putting all that knowledge and experience to good use by publishing a series of ebooks that guide enterprises at various stages of AR maturity through the adoption and implementation process.

“A lot of the people who were coming to us knew about AR as a hot technology but didn’t really understand how it could help their organizations,” said Brent Hensley, Scope AR’s Director of Marketing. “The first ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise AR – is focused on that audience; helping someone really early in the buying cycle to get up to speed on what AR is, what it can do, and what to be thinking about when exploring solutions.” Download the ebook here.

The second ebook in the series is Building the Perfect AR Use Case. “It’s for someone who sees how AR can be applicable to their organization,” said Brent. “It discusses how to go about implementing a solution, starting by examining the attributes of a successful use case.” Download it here.

Of course, every AR implementation should be focused on delivering maximum ROI, which is why the series concludes with Quick Guide to AR ROI. “It helps readers understand how to prove the value of their AR projects and secure the investment needed for future AR deployments. It’s available for download here.

Speaking of investments, Scope AR scored $9.7 million in Series A funding earlier this year. “It has really propelled us forward, enabling us to expand our sales team and invest in development,” noted Brent.

It’s also given Scope AR the wherewithal to grow through acquisition. Earlier this month, Scope AR announced its acquisition of WakingApp, an AR technology company based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“This acquisition gives us access to the expertise of a very talented group of developers,” said Brent. Scope AR now has more than 50 employees and is expanding its geographic coverage farther around the world.

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