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Measuring Impacts of Enterprise Augmented Reality

Sep 30 2015

The single most compelling reason to invest in enterprise Augmented Reality is to improve the productivity of people while on...

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Selecting Initial Use Cases for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Sep 28 2015

Which of the many use cases for enterprise Augmented Reality should you implement first? Selecting the best use cases for enterprise...

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Augmented Reality Use-cases at Newport News Shipbuilding

Sep 25 2015

Shipbuilding has been the perfect environment for industrial innovation for hundreds of years. Sails to steam, wood to iron, rivets...

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Augmented Reality Puts a New User Interface on Smart, Connected Products

Sep 20 2015

Data is the glue that connects customers, products and departments—the living tissues—of an enterprise. Without data and new methods of...

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The AREA Balances Vision and Pragmatism

Aug 27 2015

The AREA has a vision and, at the same time, we must remain pragmatic. Let me explain. We’re all familiar...

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Exploring the AREA Website

Aug 26 2015

The AREA offers unique content about enterprise Augmented Reality that you won’t find elsewhere. This post shows you how to...

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Introducing the AR in Strategic Enterprise Sessions

Aug 25 2015

In contrast to companies that are responding and reacting to changing conditions without a plan, strategic enterprises systematically apply the...

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Augmented Reality Can Increase Productivity

Aug 20 2015

Technological and cultural shifts that result in enhancements in manufacturing tend to increase complexity in products and processes. In turn,...

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Aug 12 2015

This article originally appeared in the AERTEC Solutions blog. Contrary to what many people believe, the aeronautical industry is today...

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Just-in-Place: The Case for Augmented Reality in AEC

Jul 23 2015

This post by Dace Campbell previously appeared on the AEC Industry website Beyond Design  AR: An Extension of Lean For decades,...

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ARLU—the Right Event at the Right Time

Jul 20 2015

EPRI is proud to collaborate with the AREA on the first ever Augmented Reality in Leading-Edge Utilities (ARLU) this July,...

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Augmented Reality Industry Leader: Bob Meads, CEO iQagent

Jun 26 2015

Today Christine Perey, Executive Director of the AREA, interviews Bob Meads, CEO of iQagent and member of the AREA board....

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