The AREA Issues Call for Proposals for AR ROI Research Project

The AREA has issued a request for proposals for a funded research project that will develop a full set of best practices for performing analyses of the return on investment (ROI) of enterprise AR projects.

Organizations with relevant expertise in ROI analysis are invited to respond to the invitation by August 14th.

The goals of the AREA-directed research project are:

  • To define and answer common questions about how to measure ROI for enterprise AR projects. The AREA members will then be able to follow the best practices and guidelines when developing ROI estimates for their internal decision makers, or to assist their customers and partners in the development of ROI estimates for AR.
  • To increase understanding and demystify ROI for AR across the industry and ecosystem (members and non-members) through an information/awareness campaign.

The research project will produce:

  • A report that provides AREA members with a full set of best practices to prepare an ROI analysis for enterprise AR. This should be based on widely-accepted techniques and best practices for ROI of adjacent technologies, such as IoT and mobile.
  • An ROI calculator in the form of an annotated spreadsheet with sample formulas and instructions on how to fill in fields with which to begin preparation of an ROI estimate.
  • A case study (suitable for public release) with sample figures showing the use and interpretation of the ROI calculator tool in a fictional (or anonymized) organization.

All proposals will be evaluated by the AREA research committee co-chairs on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of ROI analysis methods
  • Clear qualifications of research organization and any partners in the domain of ROI in AR, if possible, or adjacent technologies
  • Review of prior research reports and calculator samples
  • Feedback of references

The AREA will provide detailed replies to submitters on or before August 18th. The research project is expected to be completed and finished deliverables produced by October 31st.

The AREA ROI research project was awarded to Strategy Analytics in August 2017.

The project produced the first and most definitive report on the topic of Measuring ROI of AR and the AREA AR ROI calculator. These are both AREA member exclusive results. The executive summary of the final report is made available to non-members and upon furnishing your name and contact details, can be downloaded from this page.

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