PC Mag reports on how AR is transforming work with comment from two AREA members

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming Work

A recent article by Ben Dickson on PC Mag paints a good picture of how augmented reality is transforming the workplace. With comment from Jay Kim of Upskill, a long standing active AREA member and information from Lockheed Martin, another AREA member, this is an interesting read on what we at the AREA already know, from a mainstream publication.

Highlighted snippets from the article include:

  1. The bigger promise for AR (as opposed to the consumer market) which is estimated to become a $49 billion market by 2021, is for the professional hands-on workforce: Access to information and assistance on the go can make a huge difference in speed and efficiency.
  2. General Electric is one of several companies quietly testing AR technology as a method for improving productivity and reducing errors.
  3. Jay Kim’s comments focus on the excitement that was seized upon by early adopters wanting to make a difference to enterprises where real impact could be felt. “In an increasingly competitive global economic landscape, enterprise buyers look at every edge they can attain to maintain their competitive advantage over others,” Kim says.
  4. Another AREA member, Lockheed Martin, is mentioned for their development of mixed reality in the aerospace industry.
  5. According to a Forrester Research study, an estimated 14.4 million US workers will be wearing smart glasses in the workplace by 2025.
  6. Earlier this year, Google Glass returned with an Enterprise Editionthat fixed many of the technical flaws of the initial product. It can now be tacked on safety glasses, making it suitable for more work environments.

The full article can be read here.

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