Vital Enterprises Providing Augmented Reality Superpowers To Industrial Manufacturing

An in depth interview appears on Runway with Ash Eldritch, CEO and co-founder of Vital Enterprises, a San Francisco based company who we are proud to have as a member of The AREA.

Vital Enterprises is a company based at the Runway Innovation Hub in San Francisco. The company was founded in 2013 with the original goal to pursue healthcare applications of the newly emerging Augmented Reality smart glasses technology.

The interview is well worth reading in full for any enterprise already using smart glasses or considering doing so in manufacturing.  First comes a high level overview of Vital Enterprises, then more specific use cases which help us to understand the evolution of smartglasses technology.

They wouldn’t dream of building their own hardware but are focused on AR software.  Better for them if customers are already using smartglasses.  Some of the brands they use are Epson, ODG, Vuzix and RealWear.  RealWear Inc, also an AREA member, according to Eldritch, has a fantastic device built for industrial applications and is 100% voice controlled.

A detailed use case is discussed of a problem presented by an industrial manufacturing enterprise customer, a multinational based in Italy.  They also detail their work with Coca Cola. The article concludes with some thoughts on the new capabilities that the Vital Enterprises team is excited about and the future trends in the field of AR smart glasses.


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