Smart Eyewear in the Enterprise Whitepaper

A whitepaper published on AREA Member BrainXChange’s website is available online at the following link. The white paper is relevant for all companies wishing to understand more about the potentials of using smart eyewear in the enterprise, with particular applications in field service, manufacturing and logistics.

Some information that is covered in the short whitepaper can be found below:

• Information about how smart eyewear can be used in the workplace
• Types of applications for smart eyewear in enterprise
• Companies already making use of smart glasses
• How and why smart eyewear provides an advantage over smartphones and tablets
• How smart eyewear can benefit organizations, particularly in field service, manufacturing and logistics
• Smart eyewear integration with ERP systems
• Enablement of hands-free, two-way video communications between workers whether together or working remotely
• How cost and efficiency savings are being made
• According to Forrester Research, 14.4 million US workers will utilize smart eyewear in enterprise environments by 2025
• Gartner forecasts that by 2023, 50% of the organizations that could benefit from smart Eyewear will utilize it

AREA Member BrainXChange’s member profile can be accessed here.

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