PTC’s Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite Coming To Magic Leap 1

Last week, AREA members Magic Leap and PTC announced that they are expanding their partnership. The aim of this is to help global businesses to accelerate adoption of Smart Factory technologies, enabling seamless operations.

The strategic alliance between Magic Leap and PTC was announced in 2019, but now PTC is planning to implement its Vuforia Augmented Reality Enterprise Suite with Magic Leap’s Spatial Computing platform. The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite offers easy, fast, advanced AR solutions, which reduces costs, increases workforce safety and efficiency, and improves customer experiences. With the Magic Leap combination, the technology provides some of the highest industrial quality solutions to improve performance and boost productivity.

The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite includes the following capabilities:

  • Vuforia Chalk™
  • Vuforia Expert Capture™
  • Vuforia Studio™
  • Vuforia Engine™
  • Vuforia Spatial Toolbox™

AR adoption has been accelerated due to COVID-19 across a range of industries, as organisations had to quickly adapt to remote operations. Magic Leap’s Spatial Computing is able to optimise factories by giving front line workers more control over their physical environment, according to leading IoT specialists. Industry experts can remotely access the shop floor, interfacing more with the production line. Engineers, designers, programmers, and managers all benefit from the technology via increased productivity, closer collaboration, and improved workflow.

Global leading industrial enterprises integrating AR and Spatial Computing such as Magic Leap 1 can achieve:

  • Up to 40% improvement in new hire productivity
  • Up to 50% reduction in training costs
  • Up to 30% acceleration in sales cycles
  • Up to 30% improvement in first time fix rate
  • Up to 25% reduction in rework and scrap costs

One example of a company that has benefited from the Magic Leap and PTC partnership is Jabil Inc., a global manufacturing organisation that provides design capabilities, manufacturing knowledge, market experience, product management expertise, and supply chain insights to leading brands. Due to the fusion of Vuforia and Spatial Computing, Jabil can support front line workers remotely with AR training and equipment information. Soon, they will be able to develop digital work instructions for maintenance.

See Magic Leap’s AREA member profile here, and PTC’s profile here.

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