NGRAIN Announces Industrial Application Suite for Transformative AR Deployment in Enterprise

NGRAIN Announces Industrial Application Suite for Transformative AR Deployment in Enterprise

Powerful Interactive AR Tools Include Inspection and Damage Assessment, Field Support, and Manufacturing Analytics

Augmented World Expo – San Francisco – June 8, 2015 – Combining the power of augmented reality (AR) with the industrial Internet of Things, NGRAIN today announced its comprehensive suite of industrial applications – NGRAIN Scout, NGRAIN Consort and NGRAIN Envoy – firmly placing the organization at the forefront of deploying AR technologies across the data-intensive enterprise. Each industrial application focuses on a specific business use case and helps businesses maximize productivity, manage risk, and prevent costly mistakes before they happen.

“The importance of integrated augmented reality capabilities in industrial settings continues to grow. With customers across the Global 2000 in aerospace, defense and manufacturing already using NGRAIN technology, we are making it possible for the enterprise to obtain unprecedented levels of performance” said Barry Po, Director of Product Management. “The power of the NGRAIN industrial application suite is that it provides businesses with an innovative technology and deployment platform that leverages big data investments, visual elements, and AR to deliver critical information to enterprise workers at the point of need.”

The NGRAIN industrial application suite includes:

NGRAIN Consort An interactive 3D application that powers streamlined design inspections, quality control reviews, repair planning, and sustainment activities across an organization. NGRAIN Consort allows organizations to combine digital information about an assembly, vehicle, or other complex equipment with the actual machinery. Using innovative interactive augmented reality and virtual 3D, inspectors and technicians can directly annotate areas of concern, review maintenance histories, and plan for repairs on the spot.

Lockheed Martin is using NGRAIN Consort to effectively assess airframe damage and increase technician efficiency. Learn more about how NGRAIN and Lockheed worked together to solve these challenges.

NGRAIN Envoy A virtual 3D and augmented reality application that eliminates inefficiencies in field-based operations. By providing on-demand access to crucial equipment information and field-based data, specialists in the field can make critical decisions in real-time and collaborate with other field teams and colleagues remotely. Live updates to operational variables can be monitored at all times. Valuable knowledge captured in the field can be instantly assessed and disseminated to others, improving operational efficiency, asset management, and logistics planning.

NGRAIN Scout A 3D visual analytics application that supports real-time visual analysis and real-time decision making in manufacturing execution environments. Floor supervisors can access data at a glance, including current state, product lifecycle data, supply chain, and inventory information. Through a combination of augmented reality and interactive 3D experiences, every worker on the shop floor is always ready to act on work orders and rapidly changing operating conditions, to ensure that manufacturing activities are operating at maximum effectiveness.

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Visit NGRAIN at booth #14 this week at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara to see NGRAIN industrial applications in action.


NGRAIN allows the world to see beyond reality. Our innovative, interactive 3D technologies empower decision makers in the most challenging markets around the globe, building a world where the enterprise workforce is always connected to the right information, at the right time, on the right device — maximizing operational uptime and eliminating costly mistakes.

NGRAIN’s patented virtual reality and augmented reality software is used by leading Fortune 500 organizations in aerospace, defense, energy, healthcare, and heavy industry; transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, and understand the world around them.

Through industry-first 3D development platforms, authoring tools, and industrial applications, NGRAIN enables organizations to accelerate decisions by interacting with the world’s data in 3D. For more information, visit


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