Johan Castevall, XMREALITY on AR VR in 2018 and 2019

Johan Castevall of XMReality (AREA member) was featured on an article entitled, “This is how Swedish AR / VR developers see 2018”.  The article appears on Swedish website 

  1. How do you view the VR / AR year 2018? Are you satisfied with the past technology year? 
    – This year we have done many good things at XMReality. Our new software features within the company’s Remote Guidance, based on AR technology, have been well received by our customers. We generally have an increased interest from both existing and new customers around our company.
  2. What was your personal highlight? 
    – I am very proud that we won a prize at the AWE fair in Munich in October. It was a team effort where the whole team contributed.
  3. What do you think of the VR year 2019? 
    – I hope that VR technology can find its way back to consumers and businesses, as it was a few years ago. As far as AR technology is concerned, I believe in a continued increased interest from both companies and consumers and that many new exciting opportunities emerge.
  4. Anything specific you’re looking forward to? 
    – Extra exciting would be if Apple chose to release their AR glasses in the spring / fall of 2019.
  5. How do you generally view VR / -AR development in Sweden in the future? Is it going in the right direction? 
    – There are many interesting companies in Sweden within AR / VR and I see the potential potential for them to grow further in coming years.
  6. Best VR-AR game / experience for the year? 
    – I think our own demo at AWE in Munich was this year’s AR experience. Here we demonstrated how we collected real-time IOT data from a mini version of a steam engine. In a live AR video call, we visualized the data. It was really cool!



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