Immersive technologies set to become mainstream by 2021

A great article on The Manufacturer explains how a growing number of enterprises are using immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to deliver better efficiency, productivity and safety, with augmented rather than full virtual, expected to lead the way.

82% of companies currently implementing augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) say the benefits are either meeting or exceeding their expectations.

However, a shortage of in-house expertise and insufficient backend infrastructures are significant barriers to growth.

Drawing on responses from more than 700 executives in the automotive, manufacturing and utilities sectors found that 50% of enterprises currently not implementing AR and VR will start exploring immersive technologies for their business operations within the next three years.

These include using AR to remotely access real-time help from experts on a wearable or handheld device, and VR to train employees. Some 46% of companies believe the technology will become mainstream in their organisations within the next three years, while a further 38% think it will in the next three to five years.

The report found that companies in the US and China are currently leading the implementation race, with more than 50% of companies surveyed already implementing immersive technology for business operations.

Conversely, over 50% of companies in the UK, France, Germany, and the Nordics are still only experimenting with AR/VR initiatives.

As well as a number of short infograhpics, the articlecontains information about:

  • The benefits of immersive technologies
  • Most common use cases

The report identified a group of “early achievers” who are driving the most benefits from their immersive technology initiatives.

Image source: The Manufacturer, Smart Factory Expo

The article concludes with an invitation to Europe’s largest digital manufacturing event – Smart Factory Expo to be held on 14 – 15 November at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, UK

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