Enterprise Barcode Scanner Startup Scandit Raises a $30 Million Series B

Zurich-based startup Scandit has rasied a $30 million Series B in a round led by GV to join a $13 million raise. Augmented Reality has always been part of Scandit’s strategy.

At the beginning of 2017, Scandit’s aim was mainly focused on providing technology to enterprises to leverage standard smartphones with custom software on top instead of businesses having to use expensive proprietary scanning hardware.

To help streamline warehouses, Scandit have used wearable displays such as Microsoft HoloLens. One example posted on their blog in 2016 described how a warehouse employee using a HoloLens headset could be steered towards the correct objects with virtual markers, and the camera could be utilised for a hands-free experience. The blog is also quoted to have explained that HoloLens can direct users to where items should be placed once scanned and provide additional information about them.

The latest round of funding will contribute towards Scandit’s global growth and also introducing its technology across a range of mobile platforms and “camera-equipped device[s]” as quoted from a press release.

Samuel Mueller, CEO, is quoted to have said that the raise will allow the company to maintain their rapid growth as well as increase adoption of Augmented Reality and mobile computer vision in the enterprise, leading to reductions in cost.

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