Enterprise AR software provider Taqtile graduates from 5G Open Innovation Lab

At the weekend, Auganix reported that provider of AR software for enterprise, Taqtile, is one of the 14 graduating members of 5G Open Innocation Lab’s first-ever class. Taqtile conducted 13 weeks of testing and development using both 5G and their Manifest enterprise platform on deployment scenarios, such as complex industrial work tasks, onboarding, and sourcing.

Founded by Intel, T-Mobile, and NASA, the 5G OI Lab is an international ecosystem of enterprises, startups, developers, government institutions, and academia. Startups aiming to deploy 5G networks are given access to technology, industry resources, and advanced engineering.

General Partner of the 5G OI Lab, Jim Brisimitzis, is quoted to have said that engagement from Taqtile and other members was “phenomenal” throughout. He believes that working with innovative organisations such as Taqtile will increase global adoption of 5G, as well as general technological advances.

Taqtile creates AR software for enterprise, equipping frontline workers with the ability to easily perform complex tasks, capture knowledge, and remotely collaborate with experts. The company has claimed that participating in the 5G OI Lab will allow it to greater leverage 5G power, further increasing throughput, improving customer security, and helping to resolve latency issues.

Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile, is quoted to have said that August has been a significant month for the company, beginning with the Mixed Reality 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. Now, after partaking in the 5G OI Lab, they can progress even further. Taqtile is a current leader in an up and coming section of software that will ensure continuous operation via the cloud, spatial computing, and networking, and essentially change how industrial organisations enable workers.

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