Companies Creating AR Smart Glasses

A recent post on completed a list of 13 smart eye wear companies they believe are set to proliferate in 2017.

  • Atheer (AREA member) are focused on making enterprise-ready wearable technology for field engineers and deskless workers
  • Optinvent, with a focus on enterprise solutions, targeting the logistics and manufacturing industries with their Ora-2 Professional Smart Glasses.
  • Osterhout Design Group: Targeting the enterprise market, ODG are taking their glasses to the transportation, medical, manufacturing and logistics industries.
  • Microsoft HoloLens which incorporates waveguides and infrared technology in order to track eye movement.
  • Sony released the Developer Edition of the Sony SmartEyeGlass, which includes a gyroscope, ambient light sensor and built in camera.
  • Epson, who are developing a line of 3 models of AR smart glasses, intended for both commercial and enterprise applications.
  • Vuzix M300 will target enterprise applications, yet doesn’t rule out a consumer-centric version.
  • GlassUp: The UNO and Factory 4.0 are GlassUp’s two lines of smart glasses in development for commercial and enterprise applications.
  • Jins Meme: This Tokyo based company intended to keep functionality and fashion in mind for their smart glasses, while still delivering advanced features as an academic resource.
  • Recon Instruments: The Recon Jet provides smart glasses for athletic performance tracking and training, designed to fit securely on the face while biking, walking or running.
  • CastAR is focused on commercial applications, with intentions to bring complete, 3D holographic worlds to life and is designed for the gaming market.
  • Meta’s smart glasses will allow users to see, create, interact with and move virtual objects and apps. The company is focusing on enterprise applications.
  • LaForge Optical, the article claims there is a focus on aesthetics over functionality, with The LaForge Shima.
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