Boeing Granted Patents for Augmented Reality

Every day millions of people put their trust in the innovations of the Boeing Company that are integrated into aircraft. The first use of AR in an industrial setting is often attributed to the company’s 1992 project to assist in harness assembly and installation. The company’s engineers continue to develop new technology for energy efficiency, operation and improving flight operation. In this blog post on IP Watchdog, Steve Brachmann explains the focus of a U.S. Patent Application entitled Ubiquitous Natural User System for Human-Machine Interaction. The ubiquitous natural user (UNU) system leverages 3D scanning and is designed for use with Augmented Reality-assisted personal displays. Separately, another patent entitled “Portable Augmented Reality” has also been granted to Boeing engineers. The patent is described for use in damage assessment and repair. Its potential uses are summarized in this article on the 4-Traders blog.

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