Augmented Reality in Manufacturing: How it works

Due to its rapid technological advancement, Augmented Reality in manufacturing is a perfect fit. It was a hot trend long ago and it has reignited.  Assembly line, staff training, collaborative design, quality assurance, and maintenance: everything can be—and is—better with AR, claims a recent article.

Growing awareness and appreciation of AR’s value accelerates. There are use cases where Augmented Reality applications help boost—and simplify—workflow ensuring less time is spent from idea through prototyping to construction and finished product.

The article looks at how widespread is Augmented Reality in manufacturing before looking at examples of Augmented Reality in manufacturing including automotive, construction and agriculture.

The article concludes by noting that the boon of using Augmented Reality for manufacturing is restricted only by the limited number of enterprise-level Augmented Reality hardware suppliers and the price. However, there are practical apps right here, right now.

We should expect significant progress of AR hardware together with price decreases in the next few years. Be prepared for the increased demand when it arrives.

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