Augmate Launches a Wearable Environment Platform in Beta for Smart Watches, Eyewear, Beacons and IoT in the Enterprise

NEW YORK — June 8, 2015 — Augmate (, an enterprise wearable technology company, announced today the launch of a Wearable Environment (WE) platform to enable the deployment of wearable devices like smart watches and smart glasses at scale. Augmate’s management platform provides a secure network for facilitating and managing the distribution of information across a workforce, which allows organizations to develop endpoint solutions for a myriad of industries.

“The launch of Augmate’s suite of tools for WE is a huge milestone for us,” said Pete Wassell, co-founder and CEO of Augmate. “With this platform, companies can quickly deploy wearable devices and gather insights on their deskless workforce while connecting employees to business-critical information. It enables companies to derive real value from implementing wearables and reduces the friction of introducing new technologies into the workplace.”

In addition to ensuring the secure deployment of wearable devices, the Augmate WE platform also provides customers and partners with actionable insights related to workforce behavior and performance. To optimize accessibility to information, operational workflows, and work safety, Augmate WE platform consists of a suite of tools including Augmate WE(Manage) and Augmate Client for Wearables that enables for provisioning, accessing, and managing smart devices that are being used in the workplace.

Augmate WE platform allows enterprises to manage wearable devices through the web on desktops, smartphones and tablets, collect and analyze data, and author new rules. With the data, Augmate WE visualizes insights from devices, users, and app metrics. The WE platform also supports the loading of the Augmate Client on multiple smart devices simultaneously, connects to third party software in real-time, and features the ability to add smart devices and beacons to the WE dashboard.

Augmate Client securely launches WE on smart devices, connecting directly to Augmate’s backend for live sensor data feeds to access pre-approved applications and databases; it also delivers system-wide messaging and notification capabilities and supports Over the Air (OTA) app updates directly to the wearable device.

Augmate WE(Manage) Desktop Zones HiRes

Market research firm Tractica predicts the deployment of more than 75 million enterprise and industrial wearable devices over the next five years. Currently, the most widely adopted are the enterprise implementation of biometric wrist bands and activity trackers. However, these wearable devices alone are not enough. Augmate’s WE platform allows enterprises to seamlessly connect and manage every deployed device simultaneously, so enterprises can introduce rewards based employee wellness programs as well as dynamic safety training programs to reduce workplace injuries.

Augmate WE(Manage) Platform HiRes

Screenshots of Augmate’s WE Platform:

About Augmate

Augmate was founded in 2013 to empower the deskless workforce with real-time, hands-free information on the job. Augmate offers a Wearable Environment (WE) platform that enables enterprises to deploy wearable devices at scale, providing a suite of tools for provisioning, accessing, and managing smart devices in the workplace.

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