APX Labs Delivers Skylight R5, Expands Enterprise Software Platform to Smart Watches

New version of Skylight features voice command and support for smart watches among other new capabilities enabling hands-free work

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 9, 2015 – APX Labs, the developer of the Skylight platform for enterprise wearable technology, today announced the availability of Skylight R5. The latest version of the business software product features important new capabilities including voice command and control, a unique work management system called Workstreams, claims-based Active Directory authentication and improved high-resolution photo capture. The new release also extends the Skylight platform to support smart watches.

“With this new version, Skylight extends our comprehensive platform for enterprise wearable technology,” said Brian Ballard, CEO and co-founder, APX Labs. “Using Skylight to support smart watches is a natural progression for our customers and fits our mission to give millions of people the tools to do their work using whatever wearable device best suit their needs.”  Skylight R5 supports Android Wear devices with a planned software update for Apple Watch.


Skylight enables hands-on workers to access the information, applications and systems necessary for their jobs, without the interruption of turning away to use computers, phones or paper manuals. The new voice enabled interface in Skylight R5 allows workers wearing smart glasses and smart watches to speak commands and communicate in a simple and natural way. The addition of Workstreams in Skylight R5 allows companies to create very powerful workflows where their users can quickly see and interact with their daily work and drill down to get help whenever they need it.

By supporting a wide range of devices, Skylight R5 provides companies with a common user experience and a single, manageable back-end across their entire mobile operations. For the first time, businesses can leverage the full ecosystem of wearable technologies and outfit workers with whatever combination of smart glasses, smart watches and other devices best fit their needs.

Attendees at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2015 can see a live demo of Skylight R5 on smart glasses and smart watches at the APX Labs booth (#15) on the exhibitor floor, or by contacting info@apx-labs.com.

To learn more about APX Labs and the Skylight platform, please visit http://www.apx-labs.com/products/skylight/

About APX Labs

Since 2010, APX Labs has been the market leader in developing wearable technology for the hands-on workforce. APX Labs’ Skylight software product runs on many types of devices, integrates with existing business systems, and is used today in a wide range of industrial operations including manufacturing, field service, repair, training, and compliance. For additional information, visit www.apx-labs.com.


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