Advisor Recruitment using Augmented Reality

An article on looks at how augmented reality technology is being used at TradePMR and whether it is likely to be a hit with advisor recruitment in wealth management and for other industry uses such as investor relations.

The article talks through a case study at company TradePMR, where advisors download an app and their phone projects a video of CEO Robb Baldwin onto the physical postcard, inviting them to his firm’s annual conference.  This is done through the use of augmented reality.

TradePMR also intends to use augmented reality technology to take its advisors on virtual tours of its headquarters.

This modest first step into the world of augmented reality is TradePMR’s first investment in such technology for RIA recruiting. Such technology is already being used in other industries, including medicine and entertainment. After the conference, TradePMR intends the app to be used with brochures to take advisors on virtual tours of its headquarters and to perform simulations of the custodian’s technology.

This first step and trial is intended to gather feedback as to

“The functionalities that advisors want to have to run their business on a daily basis need to be given to them in a way where they learn how to use them and start to adopt the technology that is out there,” he says.

The article looks at likely factors that will inhibit the uptake of Augmented Reality use.

The firm spent about $500 this year on its efforts, using Unity and Vuforia for a development platform, and built the rest in-house, according to Baldwin.

He hopes advisors will see an opportunity to utilize this new kind of tech in their own practices. “We think this could probably permeate down to where advisors can use this with clients,” he says, noting it could be a way to initiate conversations and demonstrate a technology release. “It gives you a separate method that is unique to get your message out.”

Baldwin wanted TradePMR to start using the technology as an introduction for advisors.

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