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The AREA and its members are developing high-quality content that can form the basis of a more precise and fruitful dialogue around AR.

Enterprise Augmented Reality is a technology and industry filled with hype, the AREA seeks to provide factual, neutral and relevant information about the tools available, application possibilities, methods of implementation and return on investment. Once we have a shared conceptual foundation, we can discuss the concrete benefits of AR, as well as the risks of introducing AR in the enterprise with our audiences. On this page, you will find a variety of resources and recommendations to help you in beginning your AR journey.

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6 Steps to Improving Acceptance and Adoption of AR Technology in the Workplace Through Communication

In order to improve worker adoption of technology-based tools, like Augmented Reality (AR) enabled devices, employers and manufacturers can apply principles of communication theory and pedagogy. We’ve published a white paper, written by Carly Kroll and taken from her paper Communicating Augmented Reality Devices: Improving Technology...

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Starting the Enterprise Augmented Reality Conversation

The AREA and its members are developing high-quality content that can be the basis of more precise and fruitful dialog than we often have today. Once there is a shared conceptual foundation, we’ll be able to discuss the concrete benefits as well as the risks...

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Three Key Elements of an Enterprise AR System

It is helpful to think of AR as being a “plate” sitting upon three key elements: content (data), hardware and software. Content The information revolution of the last century has produced digital data floods. The spectrum of data that may be suitable for AR-assisted viewing...

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Preparing Your Call for Proposals

In addition to the components of a standard technology purchasing process, those enterprise professionals seeking to acquire enterprise Augmented Reality technology and services should develop additional elements. A call for proposals should describe the scope of the project as well as AR project-specific guidance. The...

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Preparing Proposals to Supply Enterprise AR Technology

In this process, the provider must use caution to not overpromise on, or to isolate the AR project from the other enterprise IT systems. Those who supply products and services commercially to enterprise AR customers also monitor the prospective customer’s qualifications by assessing: General knowledge about enterprise...

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