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Introduction to Augmented Reality

The AREA and its members develop high-quality content that offers an introduction to augmented reality for those beginning their AR journey. This content forms the basis of a precise and fruitful dialogue around AR.

An introduction to augmented reality is necessary to familiarize individuals with the technology, its applications, benefits, challenges, and potential impacts. This knowledge empowers people to make informed decisions, explore creative possibilities, and engage meaningfully with the evolving digital landscape:

    1. Understanding the Concept: Providing an introduction helps to define AR as a technology that overlays digital information onto the real world in real-time.
    2. Differentiating from Virtual Reality (VR): An introduction to AR helps clarify the distinction between augmented reality and virtual reality.
    3. Applications and Use Cases: AR has a wide range of applications across various industries. Introducing AR includes highlighting these use cases and envision how the technology can improve their lives or businesses.
    4. Consumer Awareness: As AR becomes more integrated into our daily lives, AR can provide guidance on how to use AR-enabled devices and apps effectively and safely.
    5. Educational Opportunities: Introducing AR in an educational context can introduce new concepts and inspire students to explore technology-related careers and fields.
    6. Innovation and Creativity: By understanding the basics of AR, individuals can start thinking about novel ways to use this technology to solve problems or create unique experiences.
    7. Business and Industry Impacts: For businesses, an introduction to AR can invest in potential revenue streams and competitive advantages.
    8. Ethical and Privacy Considerations: As AR interacts with the real world, issues related to data privacy, security, and potential intrusiveness need to be addressed and understood.
    9. Cultural and Social Impact: As AR becomes more prevalent, it can impact culture and society in various ways. An introduction to AR can help people anticipate and navigate these changes.

Enterprise AR is a technology and industry filled with hype. Our goal is to provide our members with factual, neutral and relevant information about the tools available, potential applications, implementation use cases, and return on investment. With this shared conceptual foundation, we can discuss the concrete benefits of AR, as well as the risks of introducing AR in the enterprise. This page is designed to be an AR primer. You will find a variety of resources, recommendations, and insights to begin your AR journey.

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