Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Preparing Proposals to Supply Enterprise AR Technology

Establishing a relationship that ends in a successfully implemented enterprise AR project can require significant investment of time and resources. Many providers are asked to prepare prototypes and to present to senior management more than once.

In this process, the provider must use caution to not overpromise on, or to isolate the AR project from the other enterprise IT systems.

Those who supply products and services commercially to enterprise AR customers also monitor the prospective customer’s qualifications by assessing:

  • General knowledge about enterprise AR technologies
  • Size of group(s) involved in enterprise AR project(s)
  • Previous investments in enterprise AR projects
  • Ability of the customer to influence the future decision making of senior management of the provider (hence the prospect of a long-term relationship)

In preparing a complete proposal in response to a request for an enterprise AR project partner, the provider should respond to all the requirements, and include as well:

  • Information about key performance indicators for project progress
  • Recommendations by user experience (UX) designers and information architects for augmentation of key topics to be enhanced by AR-assisted visualization
  • Services for introducing enterprise AR to new users
  • Recommendations on head-mounted displays or other hands-free platforms with which the supplier has worked in the past
  • Testimonials or other examples of past projects with similar industries or clients

By supporting the customer’s education in enterprise Augmented Reality deployment during the proposal phase, the provider also reduces potential errors and risks associated with the introduction of new technologies.

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