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The Ultimate Guide to AR Pilots

The Ultimate Guide to AR Pilots is designed to equip you with the steps necessary to avoid pilot purgatory and execute a scalable AR pilot. Being an early adopter can set you ahead of your competitors – use this guide to avoid potential pitfalls.

Get helpful tips and learn how to:

  • Plan your pilot
  • Pick the right use case
  • Pick the right AR solution
  • Build end-user buy in
  • Deploy the pilot
  • Assess the outcomes

Download the ultimate guide to AR pilots here to increase your chances of a successful AR pilot that impacts your bottom line and sets you ahead of the competition.

Built from best practices by global leader in secure, reliable and effective industrial AR task support software, Kognitiv Spark. Built for the Microsoft HoloLens, Kognitiv Spark uses proprietary software technology to deliver a premium, mixed and augmented reality solution for maintenance, repair, and remote support. 

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