AREA Research Committee Issues Call for Proposals to Study AR and 5G in the Enterprise

The AREA seeks to receive proposals for a funded research project that will examine and capture in a report the current status of 5G in enterprise environments, assessments of the risks and opportunities of using 5G technologies for AR use cases, and areas for future research and potential investment for AREA members. The project will also deliver tables containing objective, vendor-neutral information about current component costs, product and service offerings, past and current trials, proof of concept projects and guidelines for AREA members. 

Organizations with relevant expertise in the research topic may respond to the invitation on or before 12 PM Eastern Daylight Time on February 10th

Industry Context for the Research

Investments in 5G are fueled by the potential for new low-latency, high-throughput network technologies to reduce or remove barriers to implementation of new and powerful use cases. By providing connected devices and machines access to high performance computing and other limited and costly resources, 5G networks will significantly expand and lower the cost of use of powerful computing hardware and software, data sets and other services (e.g., privacy, security, localization and other artificial intelligence-based platforms). 

Telecommunications companies around the world are heavily promoting 5G technology for delivering AR for entertainment and other consumer-facing services. The 5G-based services will be provided by network operators, some of whom are partnering with AR device and software providers to offer solutions to enterprise customers.  

Managers of large enterprise IT organizations are aware of the emerging 5G networks and components, including 5G-ready wearable and mobile devices, but many questions remain to be answered prior to the introduction of these in an enterprise infrastructure.  Before AREA customer segment members begin testing AR over 5G in their facilities, they need deeper understanding of key concepts of 5G, and the requirements, opportunities or benefits 5G could bring.   

Before AREA provider segment members begin evaluating and planning for 5G-enabled product or services to offer to their customers, they must build out 5G expertise internally or partner with companies that have 5G offerings.  

Project Goal

The AREA seeks to provide its members with knowledge about the current status of AR and 5G for enterprise, and actionable information which members can use when planning their AR and 5G strategies. 

Fixed Fee Project

The AREA Research Committee budget for this project is $15,000. Organizations interested in conducting this research for the fixed fee are invited to submit proposals.  

More information

Full information on the project needs, desired outcomes and required components of a winning proposal, including a submission form, can be found here.

If you have any questions concerning this project and the AREA Research Committee, please send an email to the Research Committee.


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