Theorem-XR supports Microsoft’s Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) for HoloLens 2

A press release was issued today by AREA Member Theorem Solutions, based in Tamworth , UK.

As Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners, Theorem Solutions are delighted to announce that we now support Microsoft’s Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) software for use on HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality devices and Windows 10 PC’s, removing the constraints of large datasets and high quality rendering

Theorem’s ARR solution delivers streamed data from the ARR server to the HoloLens 2, enabling users to add locally rendered content, by combining streamed data with existing managed assets. This is all facilitated by the seamless integration between Theorem’s Visualization Pipeline and the ARR Server, providing an easy to use mechanism to deliver content.

Theorem CTO Mark Stowe explains “With ARR, the constraints of large data sets and high-quality rendering are swept away, enabling Engineers using Theorem’s collaborative HoloLens 2 solutions for Visualization, Design Review and Factory Layout to further increase their productivity.”

Theorem’s ARR focus is driven by the needs of our Engineering and Manufacturing users, whose focus is on improving their product quality and delivering manufacturing improvements by using HoloLens and ARR.

Using Microsoft HoloLens 2 device to visualize data collaboratively, in context, and at scale in the real world is a game changer for those who currently experience their 3D data from the confines of a 2D screen.

HoloLens Mixed Reality has delivered unique productivity benefits to Engineering and Manufacturing businesses, and Theorem are proud to have delivered HoloLens solutions for those industries from the outset in 2016.

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) enables its members to build and deploy breakthrough industry solutions and identifies those who have achieved a high level of competency on the Windows Mixed Reality platform.  As a member of the Partner Program, Theorem have been given early access to Microsoft’s ARR software to enable us to deliver usable product at the point of release.

ARR is the obvious “next step” for existing XR users and anyone that has the requirement to deploy a Mixed Reality (MR) enabled use case.

We firmly believe that in the future remote rendering will be the default choice for XR Experiences.

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