Tenaris Adopts Smart Glasses to Enhance Operations in Mexico

Last month, an article on Steel News discussed Tenaris’ deployment of AREA member RealWear’s smart glasses. The wearable technology is being used by Tenaris employees in its facility in Veracruz, Mexico to perform a maintenance task in the hot rolling mill.

RealWear cameras provide video and audio links, which allow real-time, remote interactions with suppliers, colleagues, and systems such as Microsoft Teams. The technology consists of a special camera placed on a helmet, giving the user a hands-free experience, allowing them to manipulate equipment and tools while transmitting live video and audio. Voice commands control the camera, which increases safety during complex tasks.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, a supplier in Italy was unable to support local employees on-site, which led to the adoption of the RealWear smart glasses in June.

RealWear provides field training and in-situ information via both hardware and software, increasing productivity and safety at work. See their member profile here.

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