Round up of enterprise AR releases and news this month

An increasing number of AR technology providers have been announcing new products, new releases and new case studies this month.  Apart from those concenring AREA members that may appear on individual news items, here is a round up of what else has been going on in the industry:

Drexel University has a new Immersive Research Lab which aims to give students and researchers the opportunity to use the latest augmented reality and virtual reality technologies for study, exploration and application.

AVEVA’s Industry-leading Portfolio Enables Edge-to-Enterprise Visualisation Using Hybrid Cloud, Delivering Enhanced Technical and Commercial Flexibility. Companies can benefit from unparalleled insights and work process digitalisation, for example using real-time and historical data with machine learning capabilities to predict possible faults or failures and take pre-emptive action through automated workflows supported by augmented reality tools.

Znet ran an article on AREA member Vuzix entitled AR stalwart has staying power thanks to slow growth and old school economics.  After more than two decades Vuzix is one of the oldest players in AR wearables (and the most promising).

Innovega announced their augmented and virtual reality eye strain management technology.

The Sunday Guardian ran an article about aiding experiential learning through augmented reality.


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