Practical guidance for Augmenting your Workforce by PTC

Industry Experts Share Real-World Insights on Building a More Resilient Workforce with Augmented Reality – in PTC ebook.

The disruption caused by the pandemic has accelerated the need for businesses to adopt new strategies, and the benefits of digitally transforming frontline operations are undeniable.  It just so happens that the requirements of enterprise augmented reality over the past five or so years have aligned precisely with the requirements of companies operating in a COVID-19 economy.

As the world continues to adjust to more virtual ways of working, industrial organizations are turning to digital technologies to stay connected, productive, and resilient. With out-of-the box solutions that deliver rapid ROI, industrial augmented reality (AR) overcomes thorny workforce challenges, speeds up on-the-job learning, and creates opportunities for employees to collaborate—even at a distance.

This eBook gathers actionable tips from five experts who are using industrial AR to drive innovation and improve how frontline workforces get things done in today’s new normal. Each of these experts was asked to respond to the same question: In today’s climate, what is the most important consideration for somebody ready to empower their employees with Augmented Reality?

With expert opinions from

  • Shawn Metivier, General Manager Reliability, BID Group
  • AndrewE. Chrostowski, Chairman and CEO, RealWear
  • Chrsitian Radillo, Global technical Consultant for extended reality, Rockwell Azutomation
  • Matt Kwiatkowski, Global Learning Strategy & Technology Program Leader,, GE Healthcare

You can view all the advice and opinions from the experts on Industrial AR and XR in the PTC ebook.

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