Masters of Pie Reinventing Intelligence Operations for the British Army

At the recent DSEI event in London, AREA member Masters of Pie was able to showcase their real-time XR collaboration engine. Radical has proven to be an ideal solution for data-sensitive industries like Defence, Manufacturing, and Engineering, as it integrates directly into existing applications and workflows avoiding the need to export data into standalone applications. The integration of Radical enables seamless and secure real-time collaboration of any data to any device (AR, VR, desktop, and mobile).

Reinventing Intelligence Operations for the British Army

Masters of Pie was proud to showcase their work on the Digital Bird Table solution for the British Army at DSEI in London. The Digital Bird Table solution complements Project Hydra, a project about collating multiple data feeds and processing this information so that Command Centres are able to make better and more timely decisions.

The Masters of Pie’s software (Radical) has been integrated directly into multiple data sources such as SAP HANA and ESRI ArcGIS. The Radical real-time collaboration server pulls the Digital Bird Table experience together, synchronising Hololens and desktop users. The time-lapse video highlights how the solution was polling live data and tracking assets on the move. Watch Video

XR Collaboration for CAD/PLM and BIM Data

The XR collaboration for manufacturing and engineering consisted of a live demonstration of the Radical software integration into the CAD software application to enable the seamless transition to a single user or collaborative VR experience without the need for exporting complex and sensitive data into a standalone application. The solution is ideal for remote assistance, remote diagnostics, design review, design to manufacturing handover, design to supplier engagements, and engineering training purposes. Watch Video

DSEI was a great opportunity to showcase the Radical’s software ability to deliver such contrasting use cases, integrate into a wide array of data sources, deliver multiple end-user experiences (Hololens (AR), VR, and desktop), and support a range of deployment options (cloud, on-premise and stand-alone). Radical is the future of collaboration delivering any data securely to any device.

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