Lessons in Scaling Enterprise AR: AR Insider XR Talks

An XR talk on AR Insider last month discussed how Augmented Reality for the enterprise has a clearer path than consumer AR. Despite this, many AR projects are stuck in “pilot purgatory”, which means that although businesses are aware of its advantages and have begun to integrate the technology, mainstream adoption has not yet happened. Mike Boland therefore addresses ways in which organisations can overcome barriers to AR adoption, with a link to a recent fireside chat moderated with Bridgestone and Lenovo.

Here is the list of hurdles towards mainstream enterprise AR adoption and ways of overcoming them:

  • Scalability and expandability – An important requirement for enterprise AR is having the flexibility to apply to a range of industries. According to Nathan Pettyjohn, Lenovo’s Commercial AR/VR Lead, the most prominent AR use cases for the enterprise are training, remote assistance, and guided workflows. Bridgestone’s Brian Robinson believes that training is the most valuable AR use case, but the goal is to make ARVR technologies a “daily use item”. AR and VR also have independent use cases, as each is more suited to a particular task or activity.
  • Speaking the language – Enterprises must also learn how to implement AR technology correctly and identifying the terminology. Deploying unstable apps with the potential to overload the network would be detrimental for AR adoption, so the type of AR a business chooses to integrate must match up with the intention.
  • Cost – Depending on the budget for equipment in the organisation, cost of AR can be a challenge. Robinson claims that “showing rather than telling” can reduce price resistance of plant managers, as they see the benefits of AR technology first-hand.

You can read the full article on AR Insider here, or watch the fireside chat here.

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