Iristick Partners with Aviapartner and Air Cargo Belgium to Introduce Smart Glasses Technology to Air Freight Industry

AREA member, Iristick, recently announced their partnership with Aviapartner and Air Cargo Belgium. The aim is to utilise smart glass technology to provide a more efficient way of checking, accepting, and handling shipments at BRUcargo. Belgian agency, VLAIO, have funded the project, allowing testing and development of proof-of-concepts.

The project will function in the following way (visualised in Auganix’s article):

  • Warehouse operator starts acceptance checklist
  • Automatic damage/shortage detection
  • Scan label to start a checklist on the MAWB nb
  • Fill in checklists with voice command
  • High quality pictures of damage added to check
  • Data automatic send to cloud in one report

Iristick reported this month that testing and validating two new proof-of-concepts has led to a new project milestone. The first one, currently passing the testing phase, focused on digitisation of acceptance checklists. The second, which has almost completed its first development sprint, aims to automate a shipment’s label recognition via Artificial Intelligence, improving handling processes.

Additionally, Iristick has stated that these proof-of-concepts can potentially deal with multiple manual procedures and tasks within ground handling operations, via innovation and improvement of standard operational processes in the air cargo sector. Field testing for smart glass technology in the airfreight industry was based on the following criteria:

  • Improved observation and data capture
  • Eliminating paper-based procedures
  • Speed up the air cargo processes
  • Create a safer work environment

The article concludes by stating that feedback from testing week has made way for developing a future-proof scope, enabling an improved handling process. Iristick’s ultimate aim with the implementation of XR technology is to change the air cargo industry future.

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