How AR will increase safety and efficiency in the utility sector

A feature article by Global Data Energy on discusses how augmented reality technology will increase safety and efficiency in the utility sector.

Key points from the article include:

  • AR may benefit investor-owned, municipal and cooperative utilities in improving business processes, speed power restoration and help address the challenge of an aging, retiring utility workforce facilitating the preservation of institutional knowledge.
  • According to industry experts, the energy and the utility sector are expected to spend more than $15bn annually by 2020 on AR technology.
  • In the long run, these emerging technologies – like AR, VR, AI, robotics and digital transformation – will bring an acceleration in revenue growth, increase organisations’ agility and improve risk management.
  • The utility industry faces some significant workforce challenges ahead as the baby boomers retire, which was highlighted by a 2017 Department of Energy utility workforce assessment.

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