Getting real with AR

This article on holds many predictions for AR for the year ahead across industries and sectors. When it comes to AR, the author believes 2019 will be the year of adoption, and by 2021 it will be ubiquitous.  But which industries will adopt it first?

Occupations in fields like healthcare, the military, and nuclear power clearly benefit from the element of safety that AR developments provide. AR is a new way to access information, such as patient data or training, in the moment, while filtering algorithms prevent information overload—which helps military personnel focus on operations in fast-paced environments, for example.

AR provides a layer of information on top of what’s available to us as consumers, learners, and professionals in real life. At the same time, the technology and data we use to augment reality are influenced by the human component, getting smarter by detecting and adapting to emotions.

As reality becomes hyper-real, it is helpful to be aware of the ways we are already adopting and adapting to it.  Stephen asks, will you get real about AR before it surrounds you everywhere and all the time?

The author will be at ATD TechKnowledge 2019 for the session, Propel Productivity With Augmented Reality in Learning: Why It Works. We will explore where AR can enhance an existing learning program and how to develop a plan for incorporating AR solutions into your L&D strategy.


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