Fieldbit is Enabling Knowledge Sharing Across Multiple Linde Locations

AREA member Fieldbit, a leading developer of real-time augmented reality (AR) collaboration solutions, announced on Feb 26 2020 that Linde, a leading industrial gases and engineering company, selected them as the augmented reality solution to aid technicians in real-time field service maintenance processes.

Fieldbit’s AR solution enables knowledge sharing across multiple Linde locations and ensures an increase in operational safety. Linde joins global players BP, Veolia, Wartsila, and others in selecting Fieldbit as their IIoT and AR partner.

The augmented reality solution will allow Linde technicians to use mobile devices, tablets and/or smart glasses to get instructions in real-time from experts on how to execute inspection and carry out maintenance tasks on the ground. Technicians will also be able to point their mobile device at an object and view step-by-step digital and AR instructions on how to repair it, or can request an immediate assistance from subject matter experts. By empowering teams on the ground to resolve issues via AR remote assistance, Fieldbit will reduce the need for expert visits, increase safety, and help Linde realize substantial savings. Additionally, Fieldbit’s augmented reality solution for remote support will assist multiple Linde technical teams and strengthen the effectiveness of the Linde operations, as a whole.

“The process industry and especially industrial gas production and distribution requires ‘zero downtime’ as well as the highest safety standards; therefore, it is crucial that any issue that arises on the field be fixed immediately,” says Evyatar Meiron, CEO of Fieldbit. “Fieldbit’s software is designed so that technicians can resolve any issue that comes up in real-time, thereby minimizing downtime and eliminating the necessity to bring in multiple experts, technicians, creating substantial cost savings.”

Fieldbit’s AR multi-source knowledge platform provides five distinct sources of information and expertise that richly benefit field service technicians, enabling them to achieve results more effectively and efficiently: subject matter experts, accumulated organizational knowledge, guidance automation, IoT real-time data, and enterprise back-office solutions. Additionally, the Fieldbit solution creates a collaborative learning environment for company employees and preserves the knowledge of an experienced, aging workforce so that new employees and contractors can learn from them. All Fieldbit solutions are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.


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