Big Data and Augmented Reality-the Research Agenda

A significant proportion of what’s commonly called “Big Data” is connected to the real world by way of the technologies embodied in another popular buzzword: the Internet of Things. Some of the data-rich or relevant objects play key roles in the operation of enterprises. Increasing the value and usability of enterprise data pertaining to real world objects through Augmented Reality-assisted visualization is at the core of the AREA’s mission.

A recent review article in the Springer Journal of Big Data researched and written by a team of researchers at the Tampere University of Technology Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering focuses on the intersection of Big Data and human perception. It begins with an overview of Big Data concepts, followed by an equally well-documented review of scientific visualization trends. The authors then delve into the strengths and limits of human perception before turning to the topic of using Augmented Reality.

The article then describes seven important challenges for Big Data visualization with AR and VR and suggests a new research agenda focusing on these challenges.

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